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The Bedford Oak

Digital Technical Lab


Scanning & Reproduction

Using our five film and art scanners including a Howtek® drum scanner and the versatile Better Light® high resolution scanning back there's not much we can't capture...

Digital Image Capture

Sometimes scanning just doesn't work. Photographs, with anything other than a smooth pristine surface, for instance, require careful handling, typically Polarization and sometimes even a water bath during copying to make the most of the images...

Custom & Fine Art Printing

We have honed our printing skills through years in the photographic darkroom. Now we apply this skill with the flexibility of the digital printing.  While we insist on printing our own original photography, other photographers often call on us to make the best of their originals as well...

Retouch, Restore & Photo-Composition

When you need more than a "straight' image, or when or your client needs a face lift of sorts, we can make the magic happen...

Large Format Printing

Going Large? Our large format photo quality printers handle 44" wide by almost any length.  We print to various photo papers, vinyls, canvas and other display materials. Exhibits, trade shows, wall decor - even floor advertising, we love going big...

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Bedford Photo-Graphic, Inc. services local, regional and international clients. The studio is located in Westchester County, NY  10589  Phone: 914-301-5955

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