Bedford Photo-Graphic, Inc.

If you can imagine it, We can Image it!

The Bedford Oak

Panoramas - High Detail Images of natural surroundings and architectural structures

 A selection of images carefully made on wide medium format film and carefully scanned.
Alternately imaged in high resolution and merged with digital precision, these images are designed to enlarge to several feet in length to appreciate the scale of the original scenes.


Scenes depicted range from Utah to North Carolina to our Westchester County backyards.

Bedford Photo-Graphic, Inc. services local, regional and international clients. The studio is located in Westchester County, NY  10589  Phone: 914-301-5955

All Photography in this site produced or created by Bedford Photo-Graphic, Inc. Somers, NY 10589.  All Photography ©  Bedford Photo-Graphic, Inc.2016 (unless otherwise indicated).